Auction Preparation & De-Fleet


  • Good vehicle preparation may mean the difference between a vehicle selling and remaining unsold.
  • Do you have vehicle stock in more than one place? We can provide you with one service in many locations
  • Are your current dent repair providers reliable? We can arrange set regular visits to ensure your stock is always presentable

Quality Workmanship Is Our Standard

  • Invisible repairs mean finished repairs. No tooling marks, high spots, stretched metal, crowns or beaten copper effects.
  • We repair damage in ‘no access’ areas, behind closed off panel work, inside box sections, braces and on body lines lines.
  • Large and complex dent repairs undertaken.
  • Proven volume repair specialists, high numbers are our speciality.


textWe service you when you need us. We can arrange set regular visits to ensure stock is always ready to be presented for your customers.

The six ways we save you time and money

1. Quality workmanship – vehicles repaired to your exacting standards when you need it
2. Regular service visits – move your stock quicker – eliminate vehicle ‘down’ time
3. Systematic stock inspections – no missed dents
4. Daily work sheets and stock reports – you are in control – consistently
5. Next day service available – your panic jobs are our routine
6. Billing to suit – stay on top of your costs

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