Paintless Dent Removal, which company do you choose?

The PDR minefield of choice – some helpful pointers

For most people after the unfortunate incident of their car getting dented, google will be the first port of call, with a quick type in of  ‘ car dent repair ‘ you are bombarded with a full page of different dent removal companies offering their services to you, so how do you choose which is best for you? There’s Ring a Ding, We Do Dents, Dents r us, Doctor Dent, DentSpeed and many other variations of the word ‘ dent ‘ in the company name.

Here’s some tips to help you along,

  • When you type in your search term, ensure you include your town, or the town where you would like your dent removal to take place, for example, Car Dent Repair Peterborough, this means your local dent repair companies will show first.
  • Look at the dent companies near the top of the natural listing on google. This is an indication that background work has been done on relevant content to get their website to the top, without having to pay for adwords to get above the clutter, which in turn shows an investment in their own company. A good sign indeed.
  • Is the site responsive? If you’re surfing on a mobile or tablet you need to be able to read the information. The website should be formatted to align and read correctly on the device you’re using. If this doesn’t happen it may be a sign that the company is stagnating and not keeping up to date with technological changes.
  • Once in the dent repair website, which page do you land on? Landing on a links page or another none relevant page just means more fishing about which is more time lost when you just want your dent fixing? Ideally you should land on a page set up specifically relevant to your search term, a ‘ landing page ‘ We have set up specific landing pages for all the towns we cover to avoid confusion for our customers, it’s clear where we do cover, and importantly, where we don’t, cover. Take a look here at DentSpeed landing pages
  • Is the appearance of the website pleasing? This is quite important. Think about it. You are going to ask a stranger to remove a dent from your car which is all about the appearance. The company you choose has to care about aesthetics and this must show in their website. A site which is out of line, has mis matched fonts and out of focus pictures tells it’s own story.
  • Once in the site, how’s the navigation, Is the direction clear, do the pages load quickly, where do you need to click to get the information you need? The links and prompts should be clear and concise to enable you to glean the information you’re looking for or direct you to where you should be on the site.
  • Is there some kind of previous client portfolio of completed dent repairs on the site? Obviously you’re going to need to see if they can actually do dent removal. If your looking at before and after photos, they should be clear and crisp, and the after shot should be taken from the same angle as the before shot. Poor dent repairs can be hidden in photos by out of focus pictures and by changing the direction of the second picture. A company that has videos of their repairs is a good indication of high quality dent removal. It’s hard to hide poor repairs in video! Check out our video gallery.
  • Do the calls to action tell you exactly what you’re expected to do? For example, a ‘get your estimate ‘ link should take you directly to a form or to a clickable phone number if on a mobile. Minimal steps is the key to get you to your objective to a quick dent removal.
  • Are there any reviews showcased? being able to see internal 5 star reviews which dent repair customers have left are good reassurance of professionalism. We are very proud of our reviews

Once you’ve chosen a company, you’ve filled in the form on their site and you’ve had the message back to say the request for a repair or estimate has been received, how long should you have to wait?

Not long is the answer. Here at DentSpeed our forms are designed in such a way that you have to leave your phone number. This isn’t to make you do more work, it’s so we can respond to you quicker. We are working technicians, so are unable to respond to emails, by email every time, but with the phone number being left, at least we can call the customer back, ask the relevant questions regarding expectations and timescales and give explanations of processes and procedures. This lets the customer know,

  • The dent removal enquiry has been received and is being dealt with.
  • We are treating the enquiry as a priority
  • We are a professional company
  • We want the business.

Once on the phone with your dent company how does the conversation flow? Does the guy on the other end ask plenty of questions, do they sound confident and professional, and probably the most important, are they listening to you? If they are not listening to what you want, you are not going to receive the service you want. This doesn’t mean that they can necessarily give you what you’re looking for, they might not be the company for you, or you may not be the customer for them, but by listening to your wants and needs this can be established clearly so both parties can move on if needs be.


How much should you pay?

Most people like to shop around, we know that, but what is it you’re really looking for when you search for your dent removal? You will get varying quotes and estimates if you do decide to shop around, and if you shop long enough you’ll be able to get the price lower and lower, but, why go with a low priced operator in Paintless Dent Removal? PDR is a very skilled process, an art if you like. If a company is trying to win your business by undercutting  previous quotes, what does this tell you? It says they have no confidence in their own ability. It says they are short of work ( alarm bells ) and it says they are probably not very good at what they do so price their work accordingly.

A good company will explain where you’re spending your money. Their dent repair estimate will be broken down into its component parts by use of a pricing system or matrix, for example, strip and fit, glue pulling, hard to access areas etc. If requested your estimated will be emailed to you, so you have your own written record. This gives you a clear outline of what is going to happen, times involved and expected results. This gives you the value in the process. A low price gives you no value, it’s just a number based on a lack of confidence and usually low ability. Price is what you pay, value is what you get! What ever you do, if I had to say just one thing in this article, it would be, Do not go with the cheapest quote!

This is in no way an exhaustive list, there is plenty more on this subject and it could be pages and pages long, but it should give a good basis for choosing the right  dent removal company for your needs.

For more information on our services please visit we are always happy to help.

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