1970 Sunbeam Stiletto door dent removal

This particular project was a mobile dent removal at the customers home. The car had recently been into a garage for some work where it got damaged in the process. We were contacted for an estimate┬áto see if we could help. Of course we could, this little show car needed to be back to it’s former glory dent free!

Due to the location of the damage on the panel and the gauge of the steel on this older model of car, we decided that removal of the door would make for a better repair. This enabled us to reach the dented area from multiple angles meaning we could be more precise with every push. As you can see, the door was mounted onto our specially designed dent repair panel stand next to the car, and our shop lights used to illuminate every flaw in the panel.

Previously in it’s life this car was subject to plenty of panel work and re sprays, so we had to work carefully, as we didn’t know the condition of the prep work under the finish. That being said, the repair was a complete success and the customer was more than happy with the end result.

Remember, there is no painting on any of our repairs. Paintless Dent Removal, by DentSpeed should be you first thought for this kind of damage.

1970 Sunbeam stiletto Dent Repair door removal for paintless dent removal by DentSpeed dent repair peterborough by dentspeed P1050090

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