Aston Martin DBR1

On occasion we are asked to remove dents from something a little special, and in a location outside our usual operating area. This beautiful 1959 Aston Martin DBR1 was a project of ours which required a trip to Gibraltar for the repair. This particular repair had been turned down by other european based Dent Removal Companies who said it was not repairable and would need replacing. We thought different. The damaged bonnet was  hand made which the owner did not want painting under any circumstances, as there is no filler any where else on the car. Not only was the damage in an awkward place, but the panel is an aluminium piece and of very thick gauge. We successfully removed the dents from the car car and brought the car back to its full original glory.

P1050044       P1050041

IMG_1160       IMG_1140      P1050039

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