BMW 1 Series quarter panel dent removal

This damaged car came to us in our drive in centre in Peterborough with the off side quarter panel having received a nasty dent.

When the damage is in this area of the car there are a few things to consider before performing the dent removal itself. The dent here is in a area considered to be ‘poor access’. This means from the PDR technicians point of view, the rear of the damage is difficult to get a tool onto. It is a double skinned area, meaning two panels are sandwiched close together, and there is a collapsed body line.

The first thing to do was to remove the rear tail light to enable a tool to be fed through from this area onto the back of the dent, to help ‘press’ it out. In this case though the damaged was also lifted out using specialist glue pulling techniques. So a combination of dent repair techniques were used.

The repair itself was finished within a couple of hours by Kev.


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