Volvo XC60 Crease Dent Repair

Here we have a rear quarter repair right on the hard body line on the rear arch. If we were to access the dent from the rear of the panel in this area there would be a lot of stripping out to do, these days we have other options when it comes to hard to access areas on cars. We can use specially design tabs that we can apply hot glue to and adhere them to the outside of the panel to pull the dent out. This sounds like a simple procedure, but in actuality it is a specific skill in itself. The correct tabs have to be chosen for the particular dent in question, then the correct glue for the ambient temperature, then the correct set up time has to be used to get the right pull so as to pull just the right amount to ease the dent out of the panel. As you can see from this example the dent was quite deep and sharp so it needed quite some effort to get the dent out. We succeeded in our attempt and as you can see the panel was returned to it’s original condition with no painting or stripping out.



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