VW Golf

Here’s an example of a repair using our glue pulling techniques we did for one of our volume customers. In this scenario repairs have to be repaired fast without compromising on quality as every car has to pass through quality control before they are released for resale. As you can see we use a light to pick out the damaged area, and to let us see exactly where to place a lifting tab. The tab is bonded to the panel using a special adhesive allowing us to use lifting tools to gently lift the dent out. Once the dent is up, we can then blend the metal work back to it’s original position.

We’re often asked to repair this kind of damage when other PDR companies turn this damage down as un repairable. As you can see we can repair this kind of dent as well as the more usual side panel dents.

dent removal peterborough, dent,aster peterborough IMG_1980 IMG_1982 IMG_1983

dent removal peterborough, dentmaster peterborough, dent repair peterborough


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